Sunday, April 20, 2008

U.S 40k TT weekend part 1

The weekend really began on Friday evening. I had just gotten my aero clip-on bars the day before and wanted to test the setup I had on a quick 10 mile TT. As I'm rolling up to a stop sign I grab the front brake and the whole front end starts shaking uncontrollably. Upon further examination, Jim and me discovered that the top headset bearing was totally toast.

I managed to limp the bike back home and called my closest Bianchi dealer to see if he has a headset in stock. First thing Saturday morning I haul the bike up to Holmes Cycling and Fitness in Camp Hill hoping they can fix it the same day, as the headset was in stock. More bad news, I'm told it is going to take a week. So now I don't have a bike for the TT on Sunday.

Once again, the great Jim Thome came to the rescue. Because he was not riding the TT, Jim graciously lent me his TT specific bike. My entire afternoon on Saturday was spent tweaking the setup so I would be as aero as possible, yet still comfortable on a unfamiliar bike. By 3:00 PM I had the setup dialed in and was ready to race.

More to follow up tomorrow on the actual race, results, and pictures!

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