Sunday, August 10, 2008

Carlise TT

Hello Crunch fans,

I came so close the hour. 1 hour 3 min. 49 seconds. I think I turned a 33:30 out and a 30:19 back. I pushed myself to the absolute edge. I have never gone that hard before. I was literally seeing stars at the finish line.

If I continue to progress at my current pace I should break an hour at the next Carlise TT. I did 1 hour 8 min in May, 1 hour 6 min in July, and now 1 hour 3 min (almost four though). So that means I hit 1 hour 2 min on the 31st @ Clarks Valley and hopefully less than an hour on Sept. 6 back on the Carlise course.

I got kudos from several other riders for putting in the time I did with the bike I have. It is an older aero steel frame with 650c front wheel, no aero wheels, and the thing weighs a ton. It was really cool to have guys racing $5k bikes admiring not only my time, but also the bike for its old-school look.

I have decided that I need an real TT bike if I am going to continue competing in the TT. I won't be spending $5k like the hardcore guys, but will probably a newer aluminum/carbon frame with some aero wheels (maybe even a rear disc). Here is an idea of what I want to build (Blue Bicycles T-14)

Next up, only 6 days from now is the biggest single event of the season - Nightmare circumference ride of Lancaster County. Stay tuned for a update next week on the result of that ride.

Until next time!
Captain Crunch!

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