Monday, September 8, 2008

Clarks Valley and Carlise TT

The racing season has finally come to a close. After a long season of training I came close to the hour but was stil about 4 mins. away. In both TT's I went as hard as a could. At Clarks Valley I just had a bad day and didn't finish well, but that's bike riding. At Carlise I did the best ride I think I could do. There was a headwind on the way out and I turned a 35 min 20k, on the way back I turned a 28 or 29 min.

Next year I am going to break an hour. I will be coming back with new, better, lighter, and more aerodynamic equipment. I know it's not the bike, but having the right equipment sure does help. My last event of the season is on Oct. 5 in NYC for the BikeMS ride.

I made some great gains in my speed and fitness competing in the TT's. They have helped me to improve my pedal stroke, pain threshold, and position on the bike. All the events I have competed have helped me to make great gains in my skills and fitness. It has also been awesome sharing my thoughts with you since March! I'm already looking forward to the winter as I begin my cross training routine and plan my trip to France!

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Captain Crunch

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