Friday, January 23, 2009

2009 Schedule and some big changes!

My 2009 racing schedule is just about complete.  It is listed on the right.  The busiest month is going to be August with my first two-day stage race and the Nightmare.  June and September are still open, but I am trying to plan another double century for June. 

 A big difference from last year is I am only entering two TT's (plus one in the August stage race) as I am trying my hand at road racing (I have around 5 this year).  As usual the Nightmare is back for the third year and I am heading up to NYC again for the BikeMS NYC ride.  

One more piece of big news!  Captain Crunch racing is relocating for three months starting Feb. 26.  From that date through June 3 Captain Crunch racing will be setting up shop in Wallkill NY, though my racing schedule back here in central PA still stands.  I will post lots of pictures - promise :-).  

What a season it is going to be - new races, new gear, and new home for 3 months (maybe longer)!  Between my first race on March 14th and BikeMS NYC in October the 2009 season is going to fly by.  If you want to come out and cheer me on during any race, please leave a comment below and I can get you more information on race locations!

Keep the rubber side down!
Captain Crunch

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