Sunday, February 22, 2009

The Countdown Begins

Less than three weeks until the first race of the season (Notice the countdown clock to the Farmersville Road Race on the right).  It is a nice rolling loop of two laps and about 25 miles long.  I have been hitting the training extra hard in preparation for the season.  This time last year I had barely 100 miles on the odometer.  Currently I'm already at 200 and change.  Being the first race of the season everyone will probably be at the same level (unless that is they have been cyclocross racing all winter, but I don't think I have to worry about that in my category).  

Because this is my first year with a racing license (and first year road racing period) I am in cat. 5.  This is the beginner class.  Packs are kept smaller to reduce the risk as most rider in this category (including me) don't have a lot of experience riding in a tight group.  I can ride comfortably bumping shoulders with Jim, but doing that in a pack where you have other racers all the way around you is a different story.  

This week is going to be cram packed as I am moving to my new new home away from home and HQ in Wallkill NY (for three months).  Stay tuned for lots of pictures of my new (but small) living quarters and the surrounding area!

Ride Safe!
Captain Crunch

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