Sunday, March 22, 2009

Pre-race update

I am settling in nicely into my new home in NY state.  I'm right outside the Catskill mountains - in fact my window looks right onto the first ridge of the mountain chain.  They have made for some great riding so far.  I haven't gone deep into the park yet since it is still early in the season.  I have done a few 50/60 mile rides over the first ridge.  Next month I intend to start putting in some serious 70 mile weekend rides and by May be hitting the century mark at least once or twice a month.  

There is a great group of guys that ride up here.  We probably have at least 6 on average each ride.  Friday we went out for 20 mile loop ride.  Sounds like it wouldn't be that hard, but from the gun guys were taking flyers off the front.  The group would crawl back to him and then another would go.  It went like this for the entire ride and we averaged around 18.5.  It is was short, but super intense.  This is one area that I really need to work on.  I know I can climb and ride 100 plus miles, but the short, intense accelerations needed to reel in an attack and then counter attack is where I am weakest.  A few more weeks of this and I will be flying at the races.

Speaking of races, the first one is less than a week away.  So far the training has been going as planned.  I feel way faster than I did this time last year and am really motivated to get racing.  I should get some pictures while there.  I also will get the cable I need for my camera (I forget to get last time I was back in PA) so I can post them here. 

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