Friday, July 31, 2009

I'm on Twitter

As you can see to the right I am now on Twitter under the name cptcrnch. Since my tech guy got a better offer for the weekend of Nightmare my idea of having a live GPS update of where I was on the road got put in the can. So I will be posting updates through out the day of Nightmare as to where I am, how I am feeling, and other random thoughts that may pop into my head.

I will be using the next 7 days to get both me and the bike ready. I have one more good training
ride planned for tomorrow back in PA and then several easy 20 mile rides on tap to keep the legs loose. On Wednesday I am planning on cleaning my bike and going over it from top to bottom to make sure we don't have another problem like last year. But just in case we do I am bringing a second bike and extra wheel set - nothing is going to stop me this year.

Ride Safe!

Captain Crunch

P.S. The picture above is from the 2007 Nightmare

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