Wednesday, December 1, 2010

PA State Championships

Since most of my time after the state race was consumed with packing for the USGP/Nationals trip, this race report is coming a little late in the week. I'm actually writing this in the Salt Lake City Intl airport.

It was awesome seeing some of my nemeses and victims as well. Big shout outs to Ryan Dudek and Ellis Kim of Toms Shoes as well as Lancaster local Gale Hess. You three (among others as well) proved to be formidable foes this year. I consider it an honor to have raced and battled with you this year and look forward to seeing you again at the Nittany Cross in Sept 2011!

Overall I think I rode my best race tactically all season. With three laps to go I had a group of 4 guys behind me. Right near the end of the lap at the bottom of the hill I put in a huge attack and shed all but one. We traded blows through most of the next lap and by the start of the last lap he had gotten around me and built a small gap. I was beating him every time through the barriers and decided to really come in hot to try and make up the space between us.

That didn't end so well. I planted my foot but it didn't go anywhere. I went flying over the bars but was able to hop up instantly and grab my bike and with the help from the adrenaline managed to close the gap anyway. He was much stronger on the hill at the end and beat me anyway. 14th overall. I was very happy with my race as I felt it was strong tactically. Next up for me is the Portland round of the USGP series. I'm hoping to get some mud that us east coast crossers have been missing all year.

That's it. I'm keeping it short tonight.

Captain Crunch

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Ryan D said...

Joel, you should email me to discuss your schedule for next season. You can use the contact form on my team's website ( to get in touch.

Ryan D

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