Friday, June 3, 2011

Team StomachofAnger

With the season opener of the 'cross season here on the Mid-Atlantic only 3 months away I'm beginning to make preparations for the upcoming season. My training is going very well and I'm feeling stronger then ever and my training log confirms this. I'm slowly getting those last few pieces of equipment I need for the season as well.

The biggest change this year will be to a new team. For the last two seasons I've ridden under the RGM Watch Company colors. It was a great ride and I'm thankful for their support over the last two years. This year I'm making the jump to a great new grassroots project aimed at getting people out on their bikes and riding.

Team StomachofAnger has been put together by Michael Babcock and Kacha Azema of East Lansing Michigan. They run clothing company by the same name (check them out at Rather then let me try to describe what the team is about let them tell you...

"What is Team StomachOfAnger?

Simply put, it's a collection of bike racers and riders from around the country -- and around the world -- who all share the same passion: pursuing our best on the bike. You don't have to be semi-pro, you don't have to ride an expensive bike, nothing like just have to love to ride and share that love & enthusiasm with your teammates and the world around you. The team will consist of people who race (at all levels), as well as people who ride in local group and charity rides. The team is open to all disciplines of cycling: road, mountain, cyclocross, track, triathlon, whatever. If you're into riding your bike, Team StomachOfAnger can be your home.

Awesome I know. No pressure on getting results. Rather its all about getting out there and having fun. I'm looking forward to spreading the love at 'cross races around the Mid-Atlantic this season. By next month I should have a tentative schedule posted as the race organizers confirm their race dates.

Thanks for taking a few minutes out of your day to read this and for supporting my awesome new team this season!


Captain Crunch

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