Tuesday, October 14, 2008

BikeMS NYC Part 2

So off we go from the rest stop at mile 30 something.  By this time the rain had stopped and it was warm enough to lose the rain jacket.  From this point on we would be riding along the Palisades in NJ.  The ride was beautiful once we got out of Hoboken NJ.  The rolling park road made for great riding, providing enough climbing to make a bit of challenge.  It was so quiet that you would have never have known you were right across the Hudson from the biggest city on the east coast.

Around mile 45 another rider started riding together.  We were both going the same speed when alone, so once we started trading pulls (one rider pushes through the air so the rider behind saves energy)  This allowed both of us to go faster than if we were alone.  When one of us started getting tired the other would move in front to pull for a few miles.  We rode together until mile 85 when he had to stop at a rest stop.  Together we averaged around 18mph.  

Right at that point however, a club ride of 6 riders went past me.  I managed to hang onto their wheels and draft them the last 10 miles to the GW bridge.  I think we averaged 20mph+ for those few miles.  Coming across the GW was awesome.  It provided a great view of downtown Manhattan.  

The greatest part of the ride was coming back to the Start/Finish.  We got to ride street level through Manhattan with traffic.  It was awesome for a few minutes to get to ride like a NYC bike messenger.  I won't say what I was doing however (watch this video for an idea).  Once back at the finish I enjoyed my free massage and beer (both are always good after a ride)

Thus concludes the season.  It was an amazing ride and in my next post I will share my thoughts on the entire season and what my plans are for next year!

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