Tuesday, November 4, 2008

End of Season thoughts

Wow, it's the end of season already.  What a year it was.  I made some of the biggest improvements ever over the course of the season.  The time trials helped me to make the biggest gains.  I completed my first double century, rode through Manhattan traffic free, conquered 15,000 feet of climbing in one day, and turned my fastest century time ever.  However, the year was not without disappointment.  I didn't break an hour in the time trial discipline and a mechanical failure forced an early exit from the Nightmare.

Next year has some great events already lined up.  I will once again be riding the Dreamride, the Nightmare, and BikeMS NYC Traffic Free.  I will also be doing the time trials next year as well.  I will be trying my hand at road racing next year, running a few races.  Also on the schedule (possibly) is the Harpoon Brewery to Brewery ride.  This rides starts in Boston, MA goes through NH, and ends in Windsor VT 140 miles and 8,000 feet of climbing later.  It should be a great ride.

The biggest goal for next season without a doubt is France.  Currently I am planning on 9 days in the Alps, Pyrenees, and Mount Ventoux.  Hopefully I will be going late August early September when the crowds are not as big.  This trip will go over Alpe De Huez, Galiber, Tourmalet, Ventoux, and Hautacom to name a few.  It is on these mountains that the greatest champions of the Tour De France have been forged.  

Thanks for reading all season and stay tuned for more great updates!
Captain Crunch

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