Saturday, December 6, 2008

B2B ride/France

     After much thought it looks like the Harpoon Brewery to Brewery ride 2009 isn't going to happen for me.  With my trip to France being moved up from September to July, my schedule, but more importantly finances, will not allow it to work out.  I am already planning on making it a priority ride in 2010 to help with my 50 states challenge.  I want to ride in all 50 states and I'm currently at 7 (NY, NJ, NC, VA, PA, ME, MD).  Jim and myself are kicking around the idea of riding to Wallkill again - so I would still get the valuable training miles.

My France plans are slowly coming together.  I will be leaving for Grenoble via Geneva on the 18th of July and be returning to Newark, NJ via Paris on the 28th.  I am planning on spending Sunday afternoon and all day Monday in Paris seeing some the sights.  Regarding my comments about the tour in my last post check out this video from the Alpe De Huez TT from 2004.

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