Thursday, May 7, 2009

Housatonic Hills is a go

My stay in NY as been extended through August 11.  That means that the Housatonic Hills road race is a go.  I will be trying to find some more races up this way instead of having to drive back to PA - though Nightmare is still on the schedule.  Also still on the schedule is the Green Mountain stage race - regardless of where I am living at.  

Ride Safe!
Captain Crunch


ChrisB. said...


I just stumbled upon your blog via a couple of places, starting with the "confirmed rider list" for Housatonic Hills. As a Chester, CT resident, I thought to myself, who is that Richard Sachs RGM watches guy? And so I did a quick search.

Anyway, I read on your blog that you're looking for races this summer. Here's a good one, that I unfortunately can't do (it's on my wedding anniversary):

It really is a classic.

Also Tour of the Hilltowns in Western Mass is great, but it's little bit of a haul from the City.


Captain Crunch said...


Thanks for the website - I will check it out. I just run the RS/RGM colors I as am employed by the RGM watch co. and am not a real part of the team. They don't seem to care as long as a I podium :-)


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