Sunday, June 28, 2009

HHRR results link

Here is the link to the official results of the HHRR (click here). The next two weeks begins a big block of training for me. While it won't be many long rides, it is going to be comprised of many short but super intense short rides. With only one additional weekend before the race in Union Vale NY, I am heading back to my old stomping grounds in Lancaster PA to tackle Furnace Hill for the first time this year.

Over the next two weeks I expect to log about 320 miles (including racing). I plan to spend some time in the mountains I that live near, while throwing in the additional flat workout as well. I hope this rainy weather we have had breaks soon (though the forecast for this week says t-showers every day through Friday). I just read a news report saying the enitre east coast has gotten double to triple the normal amount of rain that it normally does by this time in the year.

The worst part is that it only seems to rain after five o'clock when I can ride during the week. It will be sunny all day and five rolls around and so does the rain and lightening. It is really messing with my training. I don't mind rain (although I hate having to relube every part on my bike four times a week), but I won't go out in lightening storms.

Ride safe and sleep well!

Captain Crunch

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