Monday, October 19, 2009

Wissahickon Cross

It didn't go well. I had some major mechanical issues. The rear skewer wouldn't hold the wheel in the dropout. I was running top 10 when the wheel pulled out and sent me over the bars. By the time I got back on the whole field was long gone. It happened two more times throughout the race. Oh well that's bike racing. I finished 52 out of 81 racers who finished.

The course was a muddy mess. With all the rain we had on Friday and Saturday the course was super slick. As soon as I have the pictures I will post them up here for everyone to see. The worst part is that I was feeling really good and confident in my bike handling skills despite the conditions.

My goal was for top 20 but that will have to wait until the USGP Mercer Cup on Nov. 14 and 15. That is going to be an awesome weekend as the entire Richard Sachs team will be there too!

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