Sunday, February 28, 2010

2010 Cyclocross goals

Hey Guys,

As you can see to the right my 2010 cyclocross racing schedule is quickly coming together. I'm trying to do as many UCI races as possible so that I can race against bigger fields and with better racers. As we get further along in the year promoters will start to release the official dates and I can finalize my schedule.

At this point I can get in two Saturday races and one full weekend (Sat and Sun) at this point. I'm arranging it so that I can do two full weekends and one Saturday race for a total of five racing days each month. My goals for this year are:

1. Win a CX race

2. Upgrade to Cat 3 before the half-way point of the season (I could now, but I want to do some more B races) and continue to get good results in that cat.

3. Continue to build my relationship with the Richard Sachs and his team (which leads to my long term goal...)

4. In two or three more seasons be racing for the Richard Sachs Cyclocross team. This isn't your ordinary team. Bike racing isn't just a job for these guys. They race because they truly love their bikes and being together as a team. I'll never be a pro, but I love racing my bike and hope to do this with Richie and the gang as an official part of the team in the near future.

Thanks for reading!
Captain Crunch

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