Wednesday, February 17, 2010

The New Season Is Upon Us

Maybe it's my freshly shaved legs or the smell or new tires that has me deliriously giddy for the new cycling season. If you would have asked me even one month ago if I wanted to take a 5 hour endurance ride up to Fort Indiantown Gap, I would have told you forget about it and that I probably never want to ride that long on a bike again. That inevitably happens every year at that time. Then about every year at this time that feeling goes away and I start craving those long Saturday afternoon rides into the mountains and those blistering fast 2hr weekday rides with Jim.

With March knocking on the door already and the time change coming up in a matter of weeks, I'll soon be back to a full training load of around 200 miles a week. But my first event isn't until August this year (the Nightmare) and the real season doesn't kick off until September with the Charm City Cross double race weekend (UCI races to boot!). Looking ahead to the next 10 months of 2010 there are some big things in store, namely going to the CX Nationals in Bend in December, and a week-long trip to Boulder in August.

So sit down, strap in, and hold on, because this is going to be best year ever!

Captain Crunch!

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