Monday, April 19, 2010

Gold Mine Rd.

Yesterday me and Jim went all the way over Gold Mine Rd. for the first time in over a year and a half. That ride is never easy no matter how much training you have in. Coming off a week of recovery I was really ready to hit the road hard. On the way out we faced a nasty head/cross wind. Working together we made it to Tower City in 2.5 hours even.

That's when things started coming undone for Jim. Climbing back from Tower City on the last two climbs I was able to put about 30 seconds on him in about 5 miles (half was climbing the other half descending). We regrouped at the top and began the 35 mile journey back home. The whole way I could tell he was starting to bonk. With 10 miles left I decided I was going to put the hammer down (ala' Spartacus style) and see what kind of gap I could get on Jim.

I was able to put 4 minutes into him in less then 10 miles. I was suffering, but then I thought if I was suffering Jim must have been suffering more. Overall it was a great ride. I'm glad I got it out of the way and know I can still climb the big mountains. That first mountain ride of the year is always kind of scary as you never know how your body is going to respond. My body has been good to me so far this year and I'm hoping that carries over the the impending cyclocross season.

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