Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Big Makeover For MAC’s 2010 Cyclocross Schedule

You probably don't realize the warm fuzzy feeling I got from reading that headline in my twitter feed this morning. For one, it's a signal that cross season is almost here as organizers are starting to prepare their races schedules. Two, it means my favorite sub-culture of the sub-culture of cycling is growing, meaning bigger better races closer to my home. Here is the link to the article online

With that being said, the MAC series is the premier series for cyclocross riders in the mid-Atlantic seaboard area. This year they've expanded by leaps and bounds to include more races. Both the Charm City and Grangue races are full weekends and they have inclued the Whirly Bird race near Philly on the calendar this year.

What does this mean for me? It means that I no longer need to drive 5+ hours into the Northeast Kingdom for big races every other weekend this winter. Focusing on getting good results in the MAC series, along with the third round of the USGP, means that I shouldn't have to drive more then 2.5 hours for some high quality races with big fields of riders. However, I am still planning on going up north at least once (probably for the Providence race or the Cycle-Smart classic) so I can hang with the boy and girls of the Richard Sachs team (they'll also be at the USGP in NJ and at Natz).

Stay safe out there!
Captain Crunch

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