Saturday, May 1, 2010

I hate flat tires

The Chinese have the "year of the cat" but for me so far it has been the "year of the flat". Four months into the year and I've already accrued 5 flat tires. Today, less then a mile from home I double flated. That's right - two in one shot. I simply turned around coasted back home and took care of it in my driveway and didn't have to waste a CO2 canister. The rest of the ride went off without any problems, except for my paranoia of getting another flat tire. Hopefully things will be better for the rest of the season.


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Lloyd Lemons said...

I hate flat tires too! Mine always come 30+ miles from home. Kevlar belts helped me a lot. One thing I hate worse than flats is when someone else in the group has a flat, and they don't have the necessary tools/supplies to fix it. I'm tired of giving away CO2 cartriges.

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