Sunday, September 26, 2010

September Racing Review (plus Whirlybird report)

Whew, the first month the season is over. Three weekends, two states, and four races - where did it go?????? Overall on a scale of 1 to 10 on how it went I would give it a 5. I learned so much these first races (plus the training race on Wednesday with local elite Bad Andy teaching some valuable skills). My cornering improved, I learned about proper tire pressure (more on that in a moment), and I upgraded from cat 4 to cat 3. The upgrade forces me to race with guys that are much stronger and I hope that will help me to go faster.

I already knew I was going to get my butt kicked in my new category - especially these first races which were dry, dusty, grass crits. The local quadzillas came out and smashed the course leaving us more technically apt like myself in their dust (literally). The last race of September, the Whirlybird cross, did not end how I would have liked it.

Whirlybird is where I learned about the importance of tire pressure. I began my warm up laps on 35psi but thought I could get away with 28psi. Two laps in at race pace on 28psi I knew the I could face the possibility of a pinch flat as I was hitting the rim multiple times a lap. And that is exactly what happened. I managed to get it back to the pits and change the rear wheel. At this point I was almost dead last but I was determined not to DNF. However half way through the next lap I pinch flatted the rear tire again in the same spot, and with no more wheels my race was over.

The worst part about it was that I had and amazing start. I caught my pedal on the first stroke, shot up the side of the field and made up close to 10 spots before the first corner, hitting all the corners, and was settling in to a good pace. Oh well. That's early season 'cross racing. You never know what's gonna happen.

Next up is Granogue in two weeks and my shot at redemption! With the ushering in of fall means mud, mud, mud!

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