Wednesday, June 11, 2008

PCP part duex

I don't have the pictures yet. Considering I didn't take them I don't want to nag the people that have them too much :-). The ride back was quite uneventful. This is where 2/3 of the climbing was going to take place (5,000 out 10,000 back) The ride back started with a climb 10 miles up. It took about 1 hour 15 min. to climb. We knew about that one. After some descending we had the 7 miles up to Water Rock Knob.

The next climb we knew about but did not think it was going to be as long as it was. It was another 10 miles up to the highest point of the Parkway (Those three climbs accounted for nearly a 1/4 of the ride alone). At the top Jim and me engaged in friendly KOM sprint for the marker (which Jim won). After a quick break to refuel and have our picture taken it was just 22 more miles back to the Inn.

About a hour and half later we arrived back at the Pisgah Inn. The gnats along that stretch of 22 miles were horrible. Kathy took pictures of Jim to prove it. My arms and legs we black with gnats. At one point I actually thought it had started raining, but it turned out to be the gnats. You had to cover your mouth and nose so you could ride through without getting a mouthful of unwanted protein.

After a ride like that you gotta celebrate right. We all ate way too much at dinner. But, hey, we deserved it. We just rode our bikes 120 miles and climbed 15,000 vertical feet! So ends another Captain Crunch adventure. Next up, Wallkill NY. The date has been moved to the second weekend in July due to the fact that some other things have come up.

"Keep on Truckin, Peace: Ben Murphy"
(watch min. 5:50)
Captain Crunch

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