Saturday, June 28, 2008


200 miles, 13 hours, and three states. The ride to Wallkill NY was a success. It didn't start out so well. Jim and me got 2.5 miles up the road when I noticed I forgot my water bottles. So that made for an extra 5 miles. The weather was perfect! We had a slight tailwind the entire way. It was just enough to provide a nice cool breeze. We only were rained on once and it was for only about 10 minutes while we were in NY less than 30 miles from the finish. At that point I could not have cared less. I had ridden 170 miles and nothing was going to stop me.

The route we took was great. Very nice, rolling, and extremely fast. We averaged 18 mph for the first 160 miles. The final average was 17.6. Click here to see the route. It's not quite 200 miles but with our extra 5 from the morning all we needed was 2 more. We rode up and down Red Mills Rd. until our computers hit 200 even. We took pictures to prove it. I will have them soon.

This was by far the biggest test of the year so far. Even thought the route was flat to rolling with only a few big hills, it is still 200 miles. Flat miles can be really hard. There is no relief from pedaling, no hills to coast down. I still felt good at the end however - good enough to sprint for the finish line.

Next up is the Clark's Valley TT on July 20 and the Dreamride 100 on July 26! August is also shaping up to be a big month with the Carlise TT on the 10th and the Nightmare on the 16th.

Keep the rubber side down -
Captain Crunch

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