Monday, July 28, 2008


Dreamride was a relative success. If viewed from the terms of Nightmare training everything went perfectly. Hopefully I got all the bugs out of the bike. At mile 20 my rear wheel decided to throw a spoke. Fortunately I was close enough to Roland's house that I was able to limp my bike back and swap out my wheel for one of his. If that would have happened on the Nightmare my ride would have been over.

The weather was perfect for a ride. Sunny and around high 80's with little or no humidity. Ride time was around 5 hours 55 min. (although 20 min. of that was spent riding to and from Roland's) and total time was just about 6 hours 50 min. Jim and me averaged 17.6 mph. So far that is my fastest century yet.

Nightmare is less than three weeks away (August 16th) and Dreamride provided some much needed training. Our goal for Nightmare is to ride unsupported. Therefore we will not be trying to break any speed records on it - we will simply be trying to survive the day. The week before Nightmare I will be competing in the Carlise 40k TT and hopefully break and hour for the first time. Let's hope the legs aren't to stiff :-).

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