Thursday, September 17, 2009

GMSR Update

This late in the season I'm not going to bore you with a full blown race report. The people that wanted to know what happened already know. But I will tell you this. It was some of the hardest four days I've spent on a bike this year. But they were also some of the most fun and I got to see some friends that I met back in June (they finished 10th and 14th overall). It was an amazing experience - one that I intend to repeat next year.

I didn't do as well as I hoped given my results this year. But I did finish 23rd overall so I met my original goal that I set at the beginning of the season (top 25 overall - click here for the full results under Men 4/5). As the road season winds down I have some great memories of races ridden (and won) and some great new friends made along the way. I've come a long way from being scared out of mind at my first road race (ever!) back in March to sitting at the front of a pack ripping along at 25mph+ mixing it up for the win. With the BikeMS NYC officially signaling the close of the road calendar it's time to start thinking about the upcoming cyclocross season (which, incidentally, starts this Saturday up in Trexlertown PA).

Up until 1 month ago I had no idea that I would be taking on a full schedule of 5 'cross races this winter (it will certainly help pass those cold months quicker). It's only thanks to my generous sponsor - the RGM Watch Co. - that I've been given this awesome opportunity. It just goes to show that if you work hard and are a nice guy you can finish first without drugs (okay shameless anti-doping plug there-sorry). To everyone that has bothered to read this far, thanks for reading at all and keeping up with me over this season. I promise there will be even better stories over the next three months of 'cross racing and next years road season.

Captain Crunch

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