Sunday, December 27, 2009

My 2010 End of Season Awards (not that anyone is going to care ATMO)

Best Team: Columbia-HTC would be the obvious choice, but those hidous kits rule them out. Even with the whole scandal at the tour, Garmin gets my vote. They paid their dues in the US Domestic scene and are now reaping the rewards of such. Fourth at the tour, a pair of big wins through the season with Tyler Farrar proved these guys can run with the big dogs and that 2008 wasn't a fluke.

Best Performance:
Cadel Evans at Worlds: I know it's a cliche by now, but a true champion can bounce back from adversity and not let it keep him down. The TdF and Vuelta were disasters for the Aussie rider, but he proved he's tough as nails by winning World's in convincing fashion.

Biggest Disappointment: The very public feud between Lance and Contador. On stage 17 I thought I was watching a Cat. 5 race with the way everyone seemed to be riding for themselves. Between stages it was like watching a cat fight. It makes for some good drama for the papers (and internet outlets), but that's not what we came for. At least next year they'll be able to duke it out on separate teams.

Rider to Watch in 2010: Will Dugan - Team Type 1. I've seen this kid racing cross for the last several years and seen his results on the road scene. He'll be in Europe racing for the big boys by the end of next season.

Biggest Surprise: Tom Boonen. To be honest I didn't think he had a chance of coming onto form after his little run in with the law, but the man again delivered the goods (no, not white powder) when it counted on the cobbles of France. Too bad after all the hoopla surrounding his TdF entry he did squat there.

Most Memorable Race: The last stage of the Giro. It was already a nail-biter from the beginning because of the time gap to Di Luca, but Mechov's crash made it memorable. Or was it his mechanic. He was already out of the team car while it was still moving and had the spare bike ready to go before Menchov was off the pavement (I jumped out of my chair, but not as fast as this guy).

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