Friday, December 25, 2009

Prelim 2010 Schedule

This is really sick but I'm already looking forward to August of next year and beginning to plan my 2010 CX centered season. The only events I have official dates for are the Nightmare and the National Championship race, but most of the races listed are always run on the same weekends as the previous year, so I'm making some assumptions:

August 14 - Nightmare - 176 Miles
September 18 - Nittany Lion Cross - T-town PA
September 19 - Charm City Cross - B-more MD
October 9 - Iron Cross Lite - Carlise PA
October 16 - Grangoue CX race - Grangoue DE
October 17 - Wissahickon CX race - Wissahickon PA
November 13-14 - USGP Mercer Cup - Lake Mercer NJ
November 27 - PA State Championship CX race - Allentown PA
December 4-5 - USGP Stanley Portland Cup - Portland OR
December 9 - USA Cycling National Championship CX race - Bend OR

All told it's 12 days of racing over 8 weekends between September and December. I'll leave the results from 2009 posted up until the end of January.

Captain Crunch!

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fatmarc said...

double granogue next year.
strong chance of double charm city; with nittany later in the calendar...

more to come soon...

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