Saturday, December 5, 2009

Rockville Bridge CX Classic report

Despite not being one of my cleanest races I still managed a fourth place finish - but a top 5 is a top 5. I over shot a corner and ate the course tape (no really - it ended up in my mouth somehow), went down on a fast off-camber corner, and stumbled on the steps at the top of the run-up. Although the steps was due to my taking a beer hand-off. I grabbed the beer on the next lap AND managed to clear the steps.

Even without my mis-steps throughout the race I wouldn't have gotten a better finish as the top 3 were really motoring. I also must add that this was one of the best courses I've ridden all year with some great barriers and technical corners. You not only had to be a good technical rider but also had to be able to put power down on the flats. Overall it was good race - I just wish I would have ridden better (aka. less crashed).

Hopefully tomorrow I'll do better at the Capital Cross in Reston VA (again - less crashing). It's hard to believe that there is only 40 minutes of racing left in the season! Stay tuned for pictures from the entire weekend. Joe Mallis was photographing today's race and tomorrow I'm taking a long-time friend with me to shoot some video/still footage of tomorrow's race (and I'm sure Anthony Skorochod will be there as well along with Joe).

Thanks for reading!
Captain Crunch


Anthony S. said...

Sorry 'bro. Reston is a little far for me to travel to shoot a race. Good luck though!

Captain Crunch said...

Yeah from Allentown I guess it is :-( Have a great weekend!

Joe said...

Could not make it to Reston either. The honeydew list was too long. Tom O was there and posted some shots in his gallery. Judging from the photos it was the muddiest race of the year. There is also a bunch of links posted on

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